All about company

Do you know who you are? Find yourself in Qatar! With attention to detail, Qatari craftsmanship is unparalleled. This is why we proudly cater to those looking to experience the very best that this majestic region has to offer!

I AM QATAR is a unique digital platform which showcases a range of Qatari vendors, allowing clients and customers to select from a curated assortment of the finest services and goods. We welcome you to shop our top rated unique products, check out our current promotions and have a look around our hypermarket. There's always something fun and exciting going on here at I AM QATAR, so don't forget to also peep our calendar of events.

Tired of paying full price for your day-to-day shopping? Wouldn’t it be great if, instead, there was a way you could get all the latest promotions, deals, and events delivered to one place? Well, you’re in luck- I AM QATAR offers exactly that, and so much more!

I AM QATAR is a dedicated website and mobile app that allows vendors to advertise all their latest deals to savvy customers. Users get notifications on daily promotions, hypermarket deals, and special events from some of Qatar’s biggest brands. They can also check a full list of current promotions, get updates on the latest business, educational, and sports events, and even buy products direct from us. In short, I AM QATAR is your one stop shop for all things in retail!

How it works

For BUSINESSES, using I AM QATAR’s great service is simple. You have an event, offer, deal? We are here for you to promote it. You can place your advertisement on our platforms. Go to the “Contact us” page and let us know about your products or services. Shortly you will be contacted by our professional representatives who will guide you through all procedures.

For USERS, it’s easy to quickly check all the currently active promotions, so that you’re always on top of the hottest deals in town. With subcategories too, you can easily view promotions related to your interests. Before you pay full price for anything, make sure you check on I AM QATAR to see if you could get it cheaper elsewhere!

It’s not just about daily deals, though. I AM QATAR is also an online marketplace where users can buy some of the hottest products on the market, all for a remarkably low price. From clothes and electronic gadgets to kids’ toys and baby products, we’ve got a fantastic range on offer.