Doha Festival City, Qatar's ultimate destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, concludes a year of outstanding accomplishments, celebrating multiple milestones, and preparing for an even more successful new year.

Doha Festival City has won two prestigious awards from at the Qatar Tourism Awards 2023, ‘Outstanding Service Excellence - Shopping Mall’ and ‘Outstanding Smart Solutions - Innovative Solutions in Sustainability’. These awards are a testament to Doha Festival City's commitment to excellence in customer service and its innovative approach to sustainability, further establishing it as a leader in the retail and entertainment sectors in Qatar.

Among many other achievements, Doha Festival City proved to be the place to go to for exclusive and unparalleled entertainment experiences. The mall brought its guests globally acclaimed shows and events such as the Space Jam show in collaboration with Warner Bros and EventBox.

Later in the year, The Village, an outdoor extension that provides families with a unique space offering activities for all ages, was launched. One of The Village's highlights was the “Madagascar Stars of the Jungle” show, a lively and interactive performance featuring beloved characters from Madagascar. This show, combining music and dance, put everyone in a festive mood and offered photo opportunities, providing an exciting jungle experience suitable for children of all ages. Additionally, The Village welcomed visitors with the mesmerizing landing of a hot air balloon, creating a captivating atmosphere for families to enjoy.

Commenting on this, Robert Hall, General Manager, said: “This year has been a testament to our commitment to innovation, community engagement, and sustainability. We have ensured to deliver on our brand promise 'It's My Place, My Choice' and I would like to use this opportunity as we conclude another successful year to thank our loyal visitors, partners, staff, and team for the unwavering support and for making this year a one to remember. We eagerly anticipate an exciting 2024 and I am certain that we will continue to bring the people of Doha more and more memorable experiences.”

Doha Festival City also introduced an exclusive Gift Card, revolutionizing the shopping experience with a seamless cashless payment method available in over 500 stores, in collaboration with Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) and Mastercard. The card can be purchased from all customer service desks across the mall, simplifying transactions and opening doors to a world of exclusive offers and promotions. Gift Card holders can benefit from special deals across a wide array of retail, F&B, and entertainment outlets, making it an ideal choice for those looking to buy the perfect gift or engage in cost-effective shopping.

Another significant achievement in 2023 was the launch of The Virtual Mall, Qatar's first-ever digital mall, and a groundbreaking 3D online experience that redefines the landscape of shopping. It offers customers an immersive and interactive platform that bridges the gap between traditional and online retail.


In the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility, Doha Festival City has actively championed partnerships with various entities to raise awareness on diverse topics such as diabetes and cancer. Collaborating with organizations like the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Hamad Medical Center (HMC), among others, the mall has undertaken initiatives to enhance community awareness and promote better health. Notably, Doha Festival City has collaborated with HMC to improve access to emergency care and joined forces with MoPH and HMC for Diabetes Awareness Month, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.