Students from The Hamilton International School were able to learn from a World Champion, as the school welcomed American Olympic swimmer and World Aquatics Championships – Doha 2024 Ambassador, Anthony Ervin. The swimmer, who has received multiple medals in the Olympics and Swimming World Championships, engaged in discussions about his remarkable career and even imparted invaluable advice during an interactive workshop focused on refining swimming techniques.

Terry Senior, Principal at The Hamilton International School, said: “Welcoming Anthony Ervin to The Hamilton International School was a true honor. His extraordinary accomplishments and unwavering commitment to swimming serve as a beacon of inspiration for our students, leaving an indelible mark on their pursuit of excellence."

His visit was aimed at inspiring young swimmers and their parents, providing valuable insights into achieving success in the world of competitive swimming.

Anthony Ervin shared his excitement on meeting the students: “Today's experience was incredibly rewarding. It was a privilege to inspire these young minds and encourage them to chase their dreams."

The timing of Ervin's visit coincided with the ongoing World Aquatics Championships – Doha 2024, further amplifying the excitement surrounding his presence.

The Hamilton International School, part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), continues to prioritize holistic education and the development of well-rounded individuals equipped for success in an ever-changing world. Through events like Anthony Ervin's visit, the school reaffirms its commitment to providing students with opportunities for growth, inspiration, and excellence.