Place Vendôme Mall, nestled in the heart of Lusail, Qatar, has achieved the highest distinction in the shopping mall category by winning the "World Prix Versailles 2023." This prestigious award, announced on Wednesday December 21, 2023, by the World Judges Panel for the Prix Versailles 2023, chaired by Elie Saab, celebrates Place Vendôme Qatar's outstanding innovativeness, creativity, reflection of local heritage, and ecological efficiency. Announced each year at UNESCO since 2015, the Prix Versailles are a series of architectural competitions that shine a light on the finest contemporary projects worldwide.

The Prix Versailles recognition serves as a powerful testament to Place Vendôme Mall's exceptional architectural and design brilliance. This global accolade catapults the mall to iconic status and reaffirms its place among the world's premier retail destinations. Furthermore, it highlights the alignment of Qatar's architectural endeavors with the principles held in high regard by the United Nations, including innovation, creativity, sustainability, social interactivity, and cultural reflectivity.

Place Vendôme Mall's remarkable achievement is a shining example of Qatar's commitment to Qatar Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the economy, promote sustainable development, and position Qatar as a global hub for commerce and culture. The mall has not only become a symbol of progress but also a showcase of Qatar's dedication to excellence and innovation in the retail and retail real estate sectors.

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Hamad Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of United Developers commented "We are deeply honored by the Prix Versailles World Judges Panel's decision to bestow the World Prix Versailles 2023 upon Place Vendôme Qatar. This recognition is a tribute not only to the architectural grandeur and the innovative spirit of Place Vendôme but also to our collective commitment to excellence. It stands as a symbol of the fusion between our cherished local heritage and our aspirations for sustainable progress. This award will further inspire us to reach new heights in our quest for creating spaces that celebrate the unique spirit of Qatar and contribute to its vision as a distinguished global destination."

Shane Eldstrom, CEO of United Developers, praised the visionary leadership of Qatar, stating, "Qatar's Vision 2030 has set an inspiring course for progress, sustainability, and innovation. Place Vendôme Mall embodies this vision, and we are truly honored to contribute to Qatar's journey towards global prominence."

He continued, “Our deepest gratitude extends to the dedicated team at United Developers, its visionary owners, and our cherished patrons who have contributed significantly to Place Vendôme Mall's remarkable success. We anticipate even more exceptional achievements in the future, as we continue to redefine the realms of retail, retail real estate, family entertainment and luxury hospitality on a global scale.”

This prestigious accolade solidifies Place Vendôme Mall's position as a crowning jewel within the United Developers portfolio and a key contributor to Qatar's vision for the future. It recognizes the mall's role as a premier retail and retail real estate asset, delivering an unmatched shopping and lifestyle experience to its visitors. The architectural brilliance behind Place Vendôme Mall is attributed to the renowned Hubert de Malherbe and Arab Engineering Bureau whose visionary approach has brought this masterpiece to life.

This accomplishment celebrates the convergence of world-class architecture and Qatar's vision for the future, showcasing the nation's progress and its commitment to providing an unforgettable experience for travelers from around the world.