Shanghai Me, the highly acclaimed Pan-Asian restaurant, is delighted to commemorate its first anniversary. Since opening its doors on November 18, 2022, the high-end Pan-Asian dining destination has become a symbol of exquisite cuisine and sophisticated ambiance in Doha. Over the past year, Shanghai Me has not only captivated the hearts of culinary enthusiasts in Qatar but has also set a new benchmark for dining excellence, embodying a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

The journey of Shanghai Me over the past year has been marked by significant milestones, culminating in the prestigious Fact Dining Awards 2023 win. This accolade not only celebrates the restaurant's culinary excellence but also underscores its rapid establishment as the preferred dining location in Doha, achieving such distinction within an impressive short time frame.

At Shanghai Me, traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisine is an experience brought to life in every dish. The restaurant's signature dishes, known for their artistic presentation and depth of flavor, have captivated the palates of guests, making Shanghai Me a standout destination in Qatar's vibrant culinary landscape.

Reflecting on this occasion, Evgeny Kuzin, Co-Founder & Chairman of Fundamental Hospitality, shared his thoughts: “Shanghai Me’s success in Doha epitomizes our vision of blending cultural culinary experiences. As we celebrate this anniversary, our aspiration for global expansion has never been stronger.” This sentiment echoes the brand's commitment to transcending cultural boundaries through culinary innovation.

Looking ahead, Shanghai Me Doha remains dedicated to upholding its high standards in both cuisine and service. The brand has ambitious plans to expand its horizons, embracing global aspirations while continuing to offer unique and memorable dining experiences.

For information and reservations, please reach out to or dial +974 4453 6250.