Park House English School students have yet again showcased their academic prowess by receiving the highly coveted Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards 2022/2023. These awards are granted in recognition of their academic excellence in their 2022/2023 exams.

Michail won top world ranking by scoring the highest marks in the Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level French exam.  He had this to say about receiving the highest mark in the world: "I am incredibly proud of the work I have done together with my teachers, and of course I would like to thank them for all their support. This is an achievement that feels surreal and that I will always remember. It certainly shows what is possible with hard work and the correct guidance."

Shlgha beat candidates across the Middle East to score the highest marks in the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE English Language A exam. Meanwhile, Muhammad and Sameeha received the highest marks in Qatar in Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Biology and Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level History, respectively.

Students from Park House are among the 2600 select learners from 700 schools across 82 countries globally, found eligible to receive the prestigious award out of thousands of candidates who sat for the Pearson Edexcel exam in 2022/23.

A total of seven students received the A-Level high achiever award (Grade A in minimum three exams) and 26 students received the high achiever awards for IGCSE (8 or higher in a minimum of 5 subjects).

Each winning student will receive an Outstanding Pearson Learner Award certificate in recognition of their academic excellence.

Mr. John Smith, Principal of Park House English School, said; "We are immensely proud of the outstanding performance of our students. Our students have consistently shown they are among the best in Qatar as well as globally, over the 30-year history of our school. And we are very proud of our pool of qualified teachers and talented students who have made this feat possible.”

Park House English School, part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), is celebrating a 30-year rich history of excellence this year, and was one of the first British schools that opened in Doha. Park House’s ambitious, imaginative and cutting-edge curriculum provides exemplary experiences and outcomes for its students. The highly qualified and experienced teachers at the school are able to inspire and encourage students to perform to the best of their abilities inside and outside of the classroom. For more information, please visit the school website at: